Music Rules!

Dear Daughter

It’s a new week and of course new challenges. Perhaps during those times that things seem the most overwhelming, take 3-4 minutes to listen to one of your favorite songs. I’d say listen to my favorite songs, but I know you think my music is not very hip along with my attire, jokes, haircut, and choice in cars, etc. Regardless of the genre of music, I greatly believe music is a big reason for Why Life is Great! We not only enjoy hearing it, but often it also becomes the catalysts for happy memories such as dancing with loved ones – or the cool moves your Dad was doing in his hip brown vest. Yes, that’s me!

Be grateful for all the musicians throughout the centuries (yes, I was already around for most of them, went to school with Amadeus) that have created music that just cuts right through your body and strikes your soul. Like the cool Sesame Street Fever album your aunt so enjoyed… over and over and over! Anyway, it’s great that music makes your foot tap uncontrollably and preferably forces you to get up and dance. The right song, at the right moment is magic. It transports us, it reminds us that there is something more to us than flesh and bone or that we are relegated to our everyday menial tasks. There is something deep within us that seems to transcend the physical when our music is played. It still amazes me how I’m surprised when I hear a song that falls outside my typical genre (Lawrence Welk – look it up), but somehow the magic is there, my foot begins tapping with a rhythm that sadly seems to have nothing to do with the real beat of the music. I think this happens because I’m tall and it’s really far from my ears to my foot, there is a signal delay, otherwise I would be spot on! Enjoy whatever techno noise it is that you crazy kids call music today.



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