Be Flexible in Life!


Dear Daughter

This is a boring post, but I think important. I believe for anyone to lead a happy life and not go insane, a person needs to remain flexible and open to new ideas. Sometimes you need a nap and there’s no pillow around! You could choose just not the nap and be tired or think outside the box for what might make a good pillow? Perhaps a large dog or someone’s boots. Yes, that’s your father on his grandfather’s boots and your uncle Frank seems to care less about what’s going on – as usual!

The key here is to achieve what you set out to do (take a nap) when your environment does not seem to be providing the standard necessary tools to complete the job. Most of the time whatever you need to accomplish can be done with duct tape – duct tape is a reason for Why Life is Great! Vice grips is another reason, but you will learn about those on another post. Anyway, on the the rare occasion where you either lack duct tape or duct tape is actually not the solution (I can’t conceive of any such scenario), then just focus on what you want to get done with what’s around you – this is otherwise known as the MacGyver method.  This applies to many things: sometimes not having the right tool for the right job; sometimes the person with you is not the best qualified complete the job or has arrived very late; or circumstances have resulted in virtually no time complete your task. Be flexible, do what you can with what’s around you and understand that life sometimes seems to conspire to prevent you from accomplishing something – it happens, accept it. While this may be frustrating, life will also sometimes throw some very good stuff in your direction too. Be flexible enough there also to receive the good stuff!



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