Sometimes Nothing is Something!

Dear Daughter

Sometimes Life is Great because you can say that doing absolutely nothing is actually doing something. This allows you to pretend like doing nothing is actually accomplishing something. Like if you had to write a blog post at 3am about something, but you actually wrote about absolutely nothing pretending it’s something. See, you still wrote something about absolutely nothing and something about nothing was actually posted. So in reality, it’s not nothing, it is something. So that by discussing nothing you got something done.

You’ll realize that most people work this way, they will tell you absolutely nothing and feel like they accomplished something. The trick is to get the listener to believe that the nothing offered up was actually something. You’ll know that you have failed if the listener says, “Thanks for nothing!” This means they recognized they got nothing instead of something. There will also be those that will tell you that “nothing is impossible!” I say false – you can achieve absolutely nothing if you try hard.

This skill set will be very helpful in life. It will help if you have to submit an essay at school, provide a progress reports to your boss at work, or if your significant other asks about something you had agreed to do, but did nothing, which is something.  Yes, you will do well in life if you can learn to make something out of nothing.

Well my job is done here, got this task done.


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