When Nothing is Something – Part 2

Dear Daughter

Yesterday I wrote about how sometimes nothing is something. I thought it was a very insightful and straightforward post full of wisdom, but I heard that there are some whiners out there claiming that the post was either just a frantic attempt at a posting by someone lacking a single idea in their vacant head or that its author had finally cracked. While these denunciations could both be true (lacking ideas and cracked), it was still a constructive post when assessed by those with the aptitude to fathom its profound significance.

However, to satisfy these dissenters, whom were demonstrably unable to discover the reflective implications of my words, I will now expand on the wisdom I bestowed upon the world yesterday. I shall excavate the nearly barren and extremely shallow soil of wisdom that is my brain and construct a poignant revelation for you. Now some detractors might suggest, that up to this point and possibly beyond, this post has itself also been unequivocally about nothing. However, nothing could be further from the truth and I earnestly hope that I don’t have to vindicate myself again tomorrow? This will only humiliate us both by corroborating that a portion of my countless readers are incapable of comprehending the simple truths behind my electronic dispatches. Such a divulgence will embarrass me because it will signify that I’m not attracting the brightest minds.

Alright, prepare for ultimate wisdom. Here we go … quite often Life is Great because “nothing” is truthfully really something significant, but we do not pause to savor this realization. For Mom and I where each day passes and nothing bad has happened to you kids, it is a fantastic day. The news on TV is sadly mostly about things that shock and scare the s**t out of us. Our protective primordial brains can’t help but immediately leap to thinking about your safety. As your Mom and I age, we also worry about each other’s health, thankfully there is “nothing” going on right now that is bad and that is really something! For you maybe it’s a week when “nothing” too significant seems to have to be accomplished; maybe a week where there are no mid-terms, projects due, or vast time commitments? I think sometimes that “nothing” is pretty great!



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