Regret! Deep, Deep Regret!

Dear Daughter

Some people call today Black Friday for going out shopping, I call it the Day of Deep Regret [DDR for short]. This is the best and worst kind of regret, the self imposed kind. The kind of tragedy you could have completely avoided, but decided not to.  It seemed so innocent, only one plate of food at dinner, two plates of dessert (after all I only had one plate of dinner) and an infinite number of nibbles here there throughout the day. I know how the snake feels – too full and unable to move. Classic case of DDR! I too shall lay very still for about 3 weeks as I digest my Thanksgiving meal. In the meantime, please protect me from other predators!

This is the good kind of regret though, because other then my pants, stomach and pride, no one else suffered for my lack of self control. Life is Great not because of the DDR, but because of the DDR event. We had a chance to spend the day together, still healing from Bagel Gate and of course we had Tea Gate early in the day, but all that was nearly forgiven and the family rallied for Thanksgiving. It was really nice having everyone together.


P.S. – I will do better next year. Less DDR … I hope?

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