Punking – Good Times!

Dear Daughter

Got a late start today, so it’s the afternoon edition of the blog! Despite Tea Gate this weekend, we miss having you around already.  After dropping you off this morning and driving back home while it was still pitch dark, I couldn’t help but recall our “Punking days.” How you kids volunteered to help me distribute some fliers before dawn is a wonderful memory – it is something that makes my Life Great and I will always truly appreciate it. I have no idea what made you guys volunteer to help me with that?

You were young, small and extremely fearful of cobwebs, which were even more invisible in the dark and somehow you found most of them on your face. This usually resulted in loud shrieks. I think people probably woke up thinking an owl must have gotten itself electrocuted or something. I still remember that one time you rang someone’s door bell at 4AM. You had no idea why you did it.  All you could say was that as you walked up to the door, it just happened. You pressed the doorbell. Thank goodness, no one came out! It was a cold, dark, and a thankless job, but you and your brother made it fun. We laughed about it and you guys actually made a difficult job much easier for me and really enjoyable. I’m sure that I broke several child labor laws in the process of Punking!

This morning as I approached the house on the way back from dropping you off, I stopped at Starbuckies and drove up to the Hospital parking lot to watch the sun come up because I wanted to bask in the memories of Punking with you and your brother (I took the attached cliche photo). I was afraid that once I got home I’d get distracted and not fully enjoy running through some of those memories in my mind.  Thank you kids for helping out the old man.


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