Snowman – Make Yourself a Friend!

Dear Daughter

First, what the heck happened yesterday? No post from me and no one called to ask if I was dead? Well, I’m very much alive, but was so very tired. Much better now, so let’s get on with it! Life is Great because sometimes you can just make a friend – literally put them together as round and tall as you like. I honestly don’t know if they are called “snowman” anymore or if it’s “snowperson?” Maybe is always “snowman” when they are bald? Regardless, it’s pretty cool that you and your brother made one together. To me whenever I see a snowman it usually always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel slim. I like to think that the little guy is still out there somewhere after all these years just  waiting for your guys to return and say Hi. If we return and he’s not there, it might be because he wondered off to buy a hat or scarf, but I’m sure he’s fine. Did we ever give him a name?


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