Hot Showers on a Cold Day!

Dear Daughter

I’m still alive and I know finals are on their way, so I hope you are also still amongst the living and not part of the living that envy the dead. Those snooty dead folks all peaceful like and not a  worry in the world! While that may sound good, they don’t get to enjoy a nice steamy hot shower on a cold winter morning.  Nothing seems to warm the old bones, like a hot shower in the winter. It is truly something that makes Life Great, especially now that the drought is over. Sorry folks but I am taking liberties with my water usage!

FYI – your uncle Frank has always been notorious for the length of his hot showers. During his brief stint in the military he would actually take a plastic chair into the showers so he could just sit there and bask under the hot water. Your generation is also lucky that it wasn’t exposed to the movie Psycho when it was actually considered scary – millions feared showering after that. The nation was stinky for years after that movie, but deodorant sales spiked.

Finally, I want some credit for finding a rated G picture of someone taking a shower. Typing ‘hot shower’ into Google images was a little shocking – don’t do it!

I hope you’re having a good Sunday. Miss you kid! Hang in there for a little while longer.



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