The “You Can Do It Dance!”

Dear Daughter

You have probably heard this story before. When you were about three years old I was working at Merrill Lynch, those were some very long hard days. I remember being at Ross and Lanah’s house sitting by the pool with mom plus you and your brother. I was talking to Ross and Lanah about life and its difficulties. Then out of nowhere, in your little bathing suit, you broke out into a dance right next to us singing out loud over and over, “You can do it!” That was one of the most inspirational moments of my life! Specially considering that neither before nor after that moment were you ever really much of a singer or dancer, but here we got both simultaneously in a motivational awe-inspiring moment that made Life Great.

Good luck tomorrow on your first final! If I was there, I would do the “You can do it” dance for you.


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