“Know what I Mean Jellybean?”

Dear Daughter

Your finals start today and I just wanted to offer you some friendly advice. I would recommend that your initial answer to any test question is not “know what I mean jellybean?” First, if you are going to answer that way, let me suggest that you not end the sentence with a question mark. Finish it instead with an exclamation mark so that it appears more like an answer rather than a question to the test question (that kind stuff only works in philosophy classes).  Then let me also suggest to only use this answer as a final desperate attempt if you got nothing else. If you’re lucky, the professor will think that the answer to the question was so obvious that it did not even merit an answer from a genius like you. It was an insult to your intellect to even have such an easy question on the test. Hopefully the professor will be so embarrassed that he will not only give you full credit on the problem, but extra credit on top of that. Good luck, you will be fine, ‘know what I mean jellybean?’


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