Vote – But Don’t get Confused!!!

Dear Kids

Life is great because we can all vote. In this great democracy of ours, we get to select our leaders/representatives and it always turns out great. We never get it wrong, the people we elect never let us down, they never do anything self-serving, and it’s all rainbows and puppies across America.

However, as wonderful and bullet proof as democracy is, I don’t want you to get confused by this new right of yours. Democracy only exists outside of our home, once inside the walls of our house, it’s a dictatorship! The old man rules with an iron fist and likes to keep the TV remote with the occasional beer in said iron fist.

I will understand if you don’t appreciate living under this tyranny. Like the forefathers of this great democratic nation of ours, you can always revolt and seek independence! I actually welcome the revolution, please send me an evite for it, I won’t even put up a fight. Of course independence, means independent. I don’t believe that George Washington kept sending his cell phone bills or college tuition dues to King George after independence was declared? Just a thought… Viva la revolución!  #revolution!

Despot Dad

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