Can Vegans have Carnivorous Pets?

Morning Kiddies

So, Gary has been in cat heaven for about 2 years and all family members, including mom, are pressuring the old man to adopt a new cat. You know that I’m very susceptible to peer pressure and fashion trends. Anyway, having a cat made Life Great for you guys and if you’re distracted by the cat then maybe you won’t gang up on me as much? However, I’m left with the question about feeding the cat? I get piercing vegan looks when I eat something with cheese and eggs, but we will be purchasing all the yummy flavors for our potential kitty (chicken,  tuna,  dolphin, and mountain gorilla). cat2

Maybe we should be considering getting a bunny instead of a cat? Bunnies are vegan, except when they eat their young, which is something I can sympathize with right now (yes, we are back to cannibalism). I understand that while cute, a bunny is not as precocious as a kitty, so maybe you guys can put some of that expensive extra-crispy college knowledge Mom and I paid for and splice something together? Call it a Cabbit. Part cat, but with the digestive system of a rabbit and those adorable bunny ears.

Dr. Monroe Dad

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