Big Fan of Child Labor!

Dear Son

Thanks! So yesterday I needed to do some manual labor and my son volunteered to help me. Sure, he regretted it almost immediately when we had to wake up at 4:30AM. Kidding he was a real help and a real trouper the entire time. Before you call child protection services, despite his Totoro drawing, he is now much older than in the photo above and sadly so am I! Hanging out with the kids and my wife is the absolute best reason for Life being Great!

Grateful Dad

P.S.  – Totoro Correction.

So a friend thought that my son’s Toroto like self portrait was more teletubby than Totoro. I must admit that it seemed like a good observation. When you look at the overall shape with those legs and ears, the teletubby does seem more accurate. Now for you older readers, I must admit when I looked at the self-portrait, that it was a ringer for the singer/actor Ernie Ford. So if Ernie Ford had a romantic interlude with a tuletubby, you’d have my son’s Totoro self -portrait. If the romantic nature of the union is too much to ponder, then consider it an ill advised genetic splicing experiment.



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