Leaning towards being Truly Represented


I think what has happened on the Democratic side of the US House of Representatives makes life great! Regardless of how you feel about the politics of either party’s platforms, the number of women and the ethnicity mix elected this cycle is inspiring.  I hope that as our representatives more reflect us, then the more that our government can understand and represent our needs and desires. If this happens, I hope people will feel less marginalized and justice will become truly blind. Sadly, there will be those that will cause turmoil as they fear the coming change.

Sorry republicans, but a bunch or primarily old white guys (me being one of them) cannot fully empathize or understand the struggles, fears, and desires of women or the different races in our country. I’m not suggesting there aren’t “good people on both sides,” I’m just saying that no one can really understand a person unless they’ve walked in their shoes and it’s impossible for most old white guys to walk in high heels! How do I know this?  That’s private!

Anyway, as a father of a daughter, I hope that our government becomes more inclusive of her needs and affords her many of the protections that white men have enjoyed for centuries in this great land of ours.

Hopeful Dad


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