Hello Kids

So today is Thanksgiving and it makes life great because the family will get together. It will be loud, it will be messy and we will eat too much. The best part is that it’s at Uncles Frank’s, so we can just eat and leave; let them clean up the mess! However, we do need to be vigilant, this holiday makes me paranoid. Recall that things did not turn out too well for the group (native Americans) who were first invited to celebrate this holiday! We are the invitees to Pilgrim Uncle Frank’s house (no, that is not what he does for a living my dear Daughter). So let’s enjoy ourselves, but let’s also be cautiously defensive. If anyone in Uncle Frank’s family wants to borrow money or asks even for a small favor, the answer is “NO!” Alright, let’s have some fun today, stay safe, and keep an eye on Uncle Frank and your cousins.

Suspicious Dad

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