Plan for Retirement Now!


Sorry, another boring post about life planning. A certain young man is about to start a new job soon (I think?) and he will actually be earning some money – NICE! Probably the best advice I can give to any young person (besides floss and wear sunscreen) is start planning for retirement immediately. Starting early can really make life great. I know that there will be times in your life when it’s hard to save for retirement because there will be mortgages, car loans, kid’s braces, college tuition, hair transplants, and liposuction all to be paid for, but save!  Make it a habit to always save 10% of your gross income and/or always fully participate in the 401k or other retirement vehicle offered to you at work – always contribute the maximum allowed amount.

I know that retirement seems so far away, but trust an old guy, it comes at you much faster then you think, so be prepared!

Experienced Dad


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