Opportunities Ahead?

Morning Kiddos

This is an important post (at least I think it is), but you are probably too young to fully grasp it or maybe I just think it’s important when it’s not? That said, I believe it is important and hope some of it sinks in and that you remember some of these words?  In most everyone’s life there will come along 2-3 life altering opportunities. These may be finding a soul mate, a great life-long friend, discovering a passion for something in life you never knew you had, or a chance to earn a fortune.

However, opportunity is a tricky thing! It typically requires two things that don’t always happen! You have to be able to recognize true opportunities in your life and be in a position to take advantage of it. Life can be great when you can take advantage of opportunities. Learning about an investment that is guaranteed to pay out a small fortune does you no good if you don’t have any money.

However, while I’m an optimist, you can’t treat everything in your life like it’s a great opportunity! Opportunity has a risk-reward component to it. It often requires that you go all in, whether it’s commitment to a new love, a career, or that once-in-a-lifetime investment. While missed opportunities may cause you regret, failed opportunities may cost you your life savings and your emotional well being. That said, often we have to try and fail nonetheless, because sometimes the greater regret can be not having tried rather than having failed. There is something wrong though if you’re spending most of your life chasing “great” opportunities and failing. You’re failing to see that they’re not truly great opportunities – that’s just wishful thinking!

There will be times in your life where going all in and risking it all is a good move. But also recognize that there will be times where even a great opportunity should be passed on because you are not in a position to recover from failure or the reward is not worth it. Taking advantage of an economic opportunity that could destroy your marriage may be a price too high for the potential reward. Sorry kiddos, but life can sometimes be complicated.

Cautious Dad

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