Work with a Safety Net

Hello Again Kids

So yesterday I spoke about opportunities and that sometimes you have to go all in – risk it all! I mostly meant all that, like I sometimes say that my love in unconditional! No one really believes that – right? That one important piece of advice I’d like to add to yesterday’s “opportunity” advice is to whenever possible, allow yourself a safety net. Invest time and effort into creating safety nets in your life. A safety net can make life great! Whether it’s saving money to set aside for emergencies or creating an emotional support system with your family and friends.

Some people will tell you that you’ll be more committed to your goals if you don’t have a safety net, that you will find a way to succeed if you don’t have any other options! I say bulls**t! The stress this can cause a person will surely reduce their energy levels and result in anxiety that will likely prevent them from doing their best work. You will be better able to focus on chasing opportunities/goals if you’re not preoccupied with the thought that failure could destroy you.

Still Caution Dad

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