It’s Back – Why Life is Great

Alright, I tried to consolidate the Why Life is Great blog with my primary website but it just did not make any sense. So, for the 2-3 people that enjoyed reading this blog – it’s back. It will once more only focus on positive and painfully obvious reasons for celebrating this thing called existence.

We will start tomorrow with the usual shenanigans from the past, but I’m also going to add a new category. I’m going to try to chronicle my life through photos and extract some inspiration from each one. I’m still sorting out through some of the old material, new categories etc. Let’s see how it goes.

Also, if you got your own reasons for celebrating life – send it over.

One thought on “It’s Back – Why Life is Great

  1. lynne cirner

    Every step on this earth leaves an inprint to the path of your life , just make sure you don’t step on any dogs business while you are walking along the path as that can be messy and smelly .


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