#3: Having my Doubts about Older Brother

So I discovered that I had an older brother, I kind of expected him to be smarter than me, but even as young as I was, I knew he was not using the tricycle correctly. Sadly, I did not know how to use words yet to express my disappointment at the time and was just forced to watch in frustration. However, this resulted in me learning about patience from a very early age.

I think that sometimes when we have to deal with challenging people, like my brother or Pat Hanlon, it does help us focus on being more patient and I think those lessons improve our lives.  It was only later that I understood that my brother’s behavior was maybe not his fault. You see back then, you could play with anything… ANYTHING! I don’t know how much of that cleaning solvent he drank, but I suspect it tastes spicy given the protruding tongue and that it does not boost one’s IQ. I have no idea what happened to Pat Hanlon?

pre prom 1 2015 (1765)


Zen Master

One thought on “#3: Having my Doubts about Older Brother

  1. lynne

    wow that interesting so you are saying we should not drink solvent only carry it around as if we want to trick someone into drinking it maybe it is not solvent but some magic formula to make him smart


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