#4: Older Brother Having Doubts about Me

So I have to admit that I eventually started to admire my older brother. Despite some of questionable conduct, he could walk, talk, and didn’t soil himself. These were huge obstacles for me at the time.

However, I also began to suspect that my brother was himself having doubts about me.  I  was not really impressing him in any way nor did I serve as entertainment for him. Furthermore, we were competitors for our parents attention. I had the chubby baby cuteness factor, but he was a sharp dresser, could use words, and didn’t smell really foul multiple times per day. I knew that I had to keep eating to maintain my irresistible buttery thighs and circular face.

I think that competition is sometimes good, it can make Life Great as long as you congratulate yourself for the effort and not beat yourself up if you don’t win. The competition to be the favorite was on! I think it’s healthy for children to compete to be the favorite, it makes them better children – right kids?


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