The Many Follicled god Demands Humility!

The featured picture and the one on the left above is not of my mother, but of my father as a child. The picture on the right is my father in his 20’s. Those beautiful long locks of hair are long gone. He always told us that he lost his hair from riding his motorcycle so fast without a helmet that it just blew his hair right off. However, the photo below shows him on his motorcycle with a helmet, so it proves otherwise.

pre prom 1 2015 (1739)

I think the real reason he lost his hair so early was his flagrant flaunting of those beautiful lush locks.  Nobody likes a pretty boy prancing around being better than everyone else, not even the many follicled god. I imagine that the follicle god has really beautiful hair, he/she became jealous of my Dad and struck him bald out of spite; kind like a Snow White thing or the Greek gods.

Look,  I don’t how many other gods there are and what they pride themselves on. So, the lesson here is not to be too flagrant with your natural assets, learn some modesty otherwise you might get struck down. I have to work hard everyday to prevent my handsomeness from breaking through; I know some of you will say that I’m doing too good a job! Anyway, I just don’t want my dad’s fate to befall upon any of you.

I fee like I have to throw in a wise life lesson here? Ahhhhh… Life is Great because of our memories? Even though my Dad was bald most of his life, I’d like to think he always remembered running his fingers through those long lush locks of hair.

Stay Humble.

P.S.  What the heck, a couple more photos of that beautiful hair.

P.S. #2 – my brother reminded that my paternal grandmother actually always wanted a girl and that’s why my dad always look so gorgeous in these young pictures.

That’s my Dad with his parents (Mario Martinho & Ernestina da Silva)

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