#6: I feel the Need for Speed!

In life we sometimes need a little help to achieve our goals, whether it’s from other people or machines. I needed to become more mobile, not just to chase food down, but also to run away from my brother and to act like a pinball bouncing off all the furniture. The downside was the wedgy the walker gave me, but it was well worth it not to have to crawl around on my knees any longer. I had evolved to being upright; this was a milestones in my path to becoming a functioning human being. Dang I was happy about it too! Life is Great when simple things life walking can make you so dang happy!

One thought on “#6: I feel the Need for Speed!

  1. lynne

    yes we forget to be happy with the small things in life ….like small people ….or waking up each morning to smell the roses or what ever flower you want to smell and then to sneeze for the rest of the day due to allegies. it is enough to make you cry.
    But this is about how life is great and life is great because you get to smell the roses or flowers and to smile when you think of all the good things you have in this life…


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