#7: Brother Can Read – I’m Addicted to Binkies!

Several months have passed and no photos taken of me. Not sure why? Thought maybe I was being fat shamed, so I took off some poundage around the waist line, did some crunches too. Meantime I learned that Fancy Boy Frank likes to show off by pretending he can read while I’ve developed an addiction to binkies. I suspect it’s from trying to lose the weight? In attempting to curb my insatiable hunger for milk products, I have turned to sucking on rubber.

Hey, at least I’m in Canada. Life is good here. We own a house, I have cousins nearby, Canada manufacturers quality binkies. Yup. I can see myself here for a good long time!

Life is Great when you’re happy in exactly the place you’re standing or sitting in.

One thought on “#7: Brother Can Read – I’m Addicted to Binkies!

  1. lynne

    Well at the start I thought maybe they took too many photo’s of you and the camera broke but no as this photo was taken and yes your brother looks so proud that he can read and you can’t .


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