BEING PRIME MINISTER: Things You can Motivate a Cat to Do!

My daughter loved being a motivational speaker to our old cat Gary. She would often tell him about all the potential that he had, that he could do anything, including being Prime Minister. I don’t know why it was Prime Minister, why not President or Governor? Gary was a good cat, but failed miserably to live up to the potential my daughter attributed to him. I don’t know if Gary ever felt bad about it? He never even ran for City Council, Kitty Court, or local Dog Catcher. I just don’t think he was political, or at least he ever shared that side of himself with me. I wonder if Gary was disappointed that the US had no Prime Ministers, so what was the point of even trying?


I suspect my daughter set Gary’s aspirations a bit too high? She probably should have told him that while it’s good to have goals, if he chose only to be a cat, that was alright too. But I don’t think those words were ever spoken to Gary and I think he went to the grave questioning his accomplishments this world. Sure if killed a few birds and rodents and brought them home to us, but he received no praise from us for those accomplishments, if anything he was scorned for it.

I think we will do better with the next cat. We’ll tell him it’s OK to be just a cat, but he could be a City councilcat too if he wanted it. Lesson here is is obvious, its good to have dreams and goals, but often Life is Great for exactly whom we are.

One thought on “BEING PRIME MINISTER: Things You can Motivate a Cat to Do!

  1. lynne

    Cats are great at leadership but they are very independant and that is why being a politician would not work well. and who can understand cat talk anyway


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