FASHION TIPS AND NAPPING: Things You can Learn from a Cat!

Our cat Gary is no longer with us, but some of the valuable lessons we got from him remain. Chief amongst them were his fashion tips; you can’t go wrong with black and white plus there’s always time for a nap. My wife Christina was one of Gary’s best student’s and respected him well enough that she took the little couch to nap on while Gary got the bigger sofa all to himself so he could comfortably stretch out.

The time has come for new couches and a new cat. I intend to keep the same wife and possibly the kids and wonder what new lessons the new cat might teach us?  The Wonder of it all Makes Life Great!

One thought on “FASHION TIPS AND NAPPING: Things You can Learn from a Cat!

  1. lynne

    Glad you are keeping the wife and kids , and a new cat wonder what colour this cat will be and the name do we get to vote on the name…


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