#12: Why is my Brother NOT wearing a Diaper?

Now living in two different towns, during the weekends my Dad would visit us and get my brother and I together. This visit must have been the first time that I realized, that unlike like me, my brother is not wearing a diaper and his pant’s have a zipper.  My brother seems so very happy about this fact –  he’s just beaming with pride.  I hope he enjoyed the moment because soon enough he will not need pants with a zipper and will be wearing diapers. I will of course join him soon thereafter, but will enjoy the short period where the tables are turned! It would nice for us to take this picture again in a few decades, there would be nothing creepy about it!

Now I do suspect that my brother may have relieved himself on that very large stone in front of him. This probably confused me, why not just have a diaper? This was a pattern with my brother, I don’t know if it was a biological need to relieve himself or whether he was marking his territory? I don’t know who lived in that building, but I can’t imagine that they were happy?

pre prom 1 2015 (2347)

Lesson #1 – Take pleasure in the small things, like zippers and not wearing diapers.

Lesson #2 – take pleasure that you lived nowhere near my brother during his youth.

2 thoughts on “#12: Why is my Brother NOT wearing a Diaper?

  1. lynne

    yes it does look like he did the deed on the wall and quiet happy with his achievement .
    Now adays if he did that at his age he would be arrested.


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