Thanks Artists Everywhere

Yesterday I attended an art talk by my friend Mohsen. He’s not just obsessed with painting, but he’s also on a mission to define what art is, how it impacts our lives, our perception of the world and our reactions to it. Mohsen really loves art and science plus always puts on some very intriguing talks. Last night he unveiled his latest painting featuring he beloved dog Magnum, which has passed away. I think completing this painting was such a chore that he nearly passed away himself. Mohsen loves creating art just for the joy and challenge of it, he’s not one bit focused on commercializing it for money.


Mohsen unveiling his new Symvisio last night at his talk; 5 panels about his love for his dog Magnum.

I’m not sure my daughter feels the same way. To start, she sometimes needs money just to make some art, as seen below with her breakout piece called “Girl Made of Shiny Money.” A commentary on America’s obsession with obtaining possessions and money. It is rumored that the artwork may have been later dissembled and spent at 31 Flavors on a hot fudge Sunday which was itself a piece of art. She also dabbled in some wildlife paintings and sculptures, however profits never really materialized from any of those works.

In all sincerity, art makes Life Great. Whether it’s the beautiful works created over the centuries, those that sometimes challenge our perception of art and the world, or just the simply activity of creating art even if you’re not great at at it, art enhances all our lives. Find your inner artist and create; whether it’s painting, sculpting, writing, composing, or something completely new.

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