Babies Make Lousy Roommates!

Yesterday I wrote about how life can suck when you have a lousy college roommate and I pondered that your family are also your roommates.  Afterwards I started thinking that babies, even my own made lousy roommates! They were loud at all times of the day or night, they never did any of the shopping, always needed rides everywhere, really needy, lousy conversationalist, never asked how my day went, smelly at times, never did their own laundry, always outgrowing their clothes, barfed on me countless times, super messy eaters, never washed the dishes, etc.

pre prom 1 2015 (2055) - Copy

The few upsides were that they never stole my beer or used up all the toilet paper and not replace it, although they were fond of unrolling the entire spool. Other than that, worst roommates I’ve ever had for over 20 years and strange enough, I would welcome another 20+!

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