Rude Roommates – They’re the Worst!

Life is great when you have great roommates. I’m speaking more so of the ones that you might share an apartment with or a college dorm, not your kids or spouse. Although technically I think they are roommates too and can also be awful at times! Not mine though, but I do imagine it happens to other people’s families; my family is perfect.

Sadly my daughter just learned this lesson. She was sharing a college apartment with 3 other people when one moved out and a new person moved in. Totally destroyed the harmony that previously existed. Tons of noise in the middle of the night and utility costs shot through the roof.

So if you got good roommates, even they are just your family members, be grateful. Tell your spouse that they’re a great roomy – they may not get it, but that’s alright because I’m confident you’ve said crazier stuff to them in the past.


Now this is a great roommate!

Now if you’re the bad roommate, stop that! Problem is I don’t think the bad roommate ever realizes that they the bad roommate?

Enjoy the weekend.


One thought on “Rude Roommates – They’re the Worst!

  1. lynne

    how do you know if you are a bad roommate as what you think is great to do like play heavy metal at 1am in the morning might not be right for your room mate , maybe that is over the top but you get what I mean anyway I think it depends on what you can put up with one women I know had an out and out arguement over the right way to hang toilet paper really.


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