Life is Good… Once More!

It’s been too long since I’ve added something to this blog, although anyone reading this might think that it has not been long enough! Regardless, I’m writing it. Part of my absence has been due to some health issues that had slowed me way down, issues that I’ve whined about before. Recently though there has been a very fortunate turn of events both professionally and with my health. I’m celebrating about 10 weeks now of feeling ‘normal’ which is remarkable for me to experience. This also came just at the right time because my business suddenly picked up and I needed my old self back to execute. So today I’m celebrating life being great for no more mundane reason than I feel normal. Don’t take such a boring physical state for granted, it is a wonderful thing.

I’ll bore you later with the turnaround because I think there are important lessons there… maybe?

3 thoughts on “Life is Good… Once More!

  1. Vanessa Nielsen

    I think there’s a correlation here: good health = good wealth. Can’t take care of clients if you’re down. The universe smelled the lavender! You’ve been awakened! They’re ready for you and they’re hungry for more M&Ms!


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