Too Old School for Cool… Fancy Pants?

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this new fad!
Alright so I’ve been a dress shirt and jeans guy for a long time now and once in a rare while I try slacks. A few months back I went to Brooks Brothers to buy fancy pants. I felt very grown up. I picked a few pair and left them behind to be hemmed. When I got them home and tried them on, there were floods! My wife and ‘cool’ people tell me that’s the style. I can’t stand it, I feel like the pic of the guy showing lots of ankle. Not confident I got sexy enough ankles plus the added task of having to tan those porcelain white babies?
I’m more of the dad pants guy with the hem partially covering the shoe. If sagging was still in I guess I could just drop my pants a few inches below my waist and cover my ankles while still being cool, but I don’t think that’s a thing anymore?
Well, I’ll be taking these floods to a tailor and dropping them 2 inches while keeping that waist band around my actual waist. I’ll have to find another way to try to look cool, but what makes Life Great is that I really don’t care about the cool thing!

4 thoughts on “Too Old School for Cool… Fancy Pants?

  1. Anonymous

    I hate floods. I don’t care if it’s a fashion. It’s probably because, throughout my lifetime, I wound up with too-short pants often enough because retailers simply didn’t have pants in my length. Thankfully, the internet finally solved that problem. BTW, never buy pants with pleated fronts – Lanah will scoff at you.


  2. Vanessa Nielsen

    I think the length on the slacks you wore the other night was just fine. If you wanna go an inch or two longer, that’s fine, too but any shorter is no bueno. My father is a retired tailor. He made men’s suits to order. And did you know Paola is also a stylist for J.Hillburn? She had some comments on some folks, but the good news – none was about what you were!!! What a relief!


  3. Mark Martinho

    Wow – I didn’t know that we were all being judged? That my evening open house was really a giant runway? Glad I made the grade, don’t think I could take Paola being disappointed in my lighting and my pants all in the same day. Dodged a bullet there!


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