Trying Something New?

Alright time for Dad to get on his Parent soapbox.

I’m proud of certain people for trying new things ~ no names will be used here to protect the innocent. Dad is proud of these valiant efforts, regardless of whether they result in successes or failures. It takes courage either way. New experiences can make Life Great. However, Dad is a little torn about pushing the idea that you should ALWAYS try new things.

I’m a huge fan of trying new things in life. I think it allows you to discover parts of yourself that you might otherwise not know existed, it allows you to discover yourself, to redefine who you are. You might suddenly go from Accountant Bob to Surfer Extraordinaire Kahuna Bob. This will likely also include a new hairdo. There are of course new things I cannot try; no new wives for me, or new children, probably staying away from heroine, or robbing a bank, although I’m curious if I’d be good at the last one?

There are dangerous things you should avoid trying; indiscriminately eating spiders or mushrooms, puffer fish sushi, and Will Ferrell movies. While other things might just be cruel like eating a platypus, this might be both dangerous and cruel? I think they are poisonous?  Think I’ll order one on Amazon to find out.


Yes, I think it cool to be adventurous and to see other people be adventurous, like an old guy break dancing (No, that’s not me). However, I also believe that it’s perfectly fine to just be content with your own life as it is and not feel the need to expand on it. That if you take inventory of your life and feel fulfilled by it, there is nothing wrong with just wanting to keep the status quo. Life does not need to be a constant search, it can be just being in the moment and enjoying what is already in front of you. Ideally, your life might be a mix of both, there will be adventurous times and times where you are simply grateful for what you already have and don’t feel the need to seek anything else. There is a contradiction here though, I do believe in personal growth, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it does not always have to be in new directions. If you’re happy being a Totoro historian, than try to be the best one that you can be and don’t try to become a biographer for Catbus.

Ok, got to go, the platypus and I are going to rob a bank today, he talked me into it. Platypus peer pressure is the worst. Enjoy your day kiddos and you might want to get your parenting advice from mom.

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