You Always have Options!

Dear Daughter

Great talking to you yesterday – I know it’s going to be another tough week, but you can do this!

Always remember that Life is Great because we always have choices in our lives. Like whether to wait for someone to slice us a piece of cake or just dig in and help ourselves! Sometimes, our choices involve more serious stuff, but no matter how bad things seem, we have options and most of them are good. Not everyone has that gift, but our family kind of does. Sometimes there are tough decisions before us and we may not love the limited choices, they are not the path we had dreamed about, but typically our worst case scenarios are still what 99% of this planet’s inhabitants dream to have as choices.

Life sometimes forces change upon us and that’s OK. As you know, I’ve been through several careers and each new start has always been a change for the better. I’ve enjoyed each part of the journey and embraced it. I know that I sound like a broken record, but life is meant to be an experience, it would be a pretty boring experience if nothing ever changed. BTW – do you even know what a broken record is?



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