Microwaves – No More Stone Age!

Dear Daughter:

You know, I was actually young once and we use to have to boil water on the stove for our Ramen, the ones with little dried cubes of dinosaur meat in it . And by stove, I really mean over a camp fire in a cave. Anyway, it would take several minutes to boil – we’re talking double digit minutes here and of course I would be afraid that the fire would attract predators.  Being  young, I was very impatient and always hungry (like your brother), so it seemed like an eternity before those noodles were ever ready. And please don’t even get me going on warming up leftovers (that’s when you keep the leftover food from the previous day), we had to put it in the oven (that’s the big thing that cooks the turkey once a year) or on a pan for several minutes. This meant that the pan might eventually have to be cleaned by someone – hopefully by my parents if I left it in the sink long enough. That’s why we ate more meat back then, because meat is of course extremely safe to eat really rare, so you could lightly cook it.  It really did feel like we were all in the stone age until the microwave came along – just so you know what it was like and the hardships I endured before the microwave came along!

P.S. – It takes me forever to drink a full cup off coffee (it is a very large cup), so I reheat my coffee several times in the morning. Don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this wonderful gizmo!

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