You can Control your Perspective!

Dear Daughter

Life is great because I believe that human beings are one of the few species that have the capacity to control how they perceive reality. We all see the same thing through our eyes, but we can impact how our brains process that information and come up with what it means.  Sometimes we can perceive a day being very tough versus challenging and rewarding despite the fact that the two days were nearly identical – we just perceived them quite differently.  How we perceive things can have a great impact on us. It can impact our confidence, happiness, and even our health as stress does awful things to our bodies. I know it sounds like a big cliche, but always try to put things in a positive light for yourself,  bare minimum put any event into perspective by asking yourself “What’s the worst that could happen from this event?” If the answer is a less than desirable then ask “how can I recover from this event in a way that it enriches my life?”

For example – worst can happen is I get fired from my job. What is the ideal job I really want and what do I need to do obtain that job if in fact I get fired? How cool would it be to be doing that thing instead of the crummy job I got now?

Yes, there are times when life just sucks and it’s hard to think positively, but in those times I take inventory of all the great things in my life and how fortunate I am – one of the biggest things on that list is always YOU.

If anyone knows about different perspectives, it’s you. After all, you tried to see not just in 3D but 48D; a feat most mortals would fear to even attempt.

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