Omaha Steaks – Family Fun!

Dear Daughter

Wanted to give you something to look forward to when finals are over. Hawaii just doesn’t seem like it’s enough for all the pain you had to endure this semester. I was thinking that maybe on Saturday after finals the family could go to the beach and fly our Omaha Steaks kite that you and your brother made for me. That would surely be a fun day that would put a happy tear in my eye. Afterwards we could all sit down together and watch mom eat a nice big steak since the rest of us don’t eat meat. That sounds like so much fun that someone should make a commercial out of it and maybe get a famous actor like Gary Busey to star in it? Gosh, I can’t wait for Saturday.  Isn’t that a great photo of our family running through a field! The sunlight makes your mom look taller!

Dad – P.S. that is “the” kite you guys made.  Good luck today!gary-busey

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