Somber Day

Dear Kids

Tough day to write about why Life is Great when another massacre occurred near home. A dozen people killed in Southern California, many were college students at a club. It’s times like these that all I can think about is that my Life is Great because you’re both safe. My heart breaks for the families of the people that were killed or injured. This is a tragedy, but we can’t let it paralyze us. We can’t let ourselves live in constant fear and not enjoy life, otherwise these lunatics have won. Putting things in perspective, there are about 30,000 deaths in car accidents every year vs. about 11,000 gun homicides. This is still way too high, but the odds of us being hurt in gun violence is next to nothing.

I hope you kids are able to get some gun laws passed to fix this, because my generation are complete idiots.  Totally sold out to the NRA and the gun lobby. The same people that scream to protect the 2nd Amendment are now suing to not count ballots or to prevent people from voting. They are very selective regarding which parts of the Constitution they find sacred.

Sad Dad


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