Your Best Totoro Self!

Dear Kiddies

So we are back to Totoro.  First, I was shocked that my daughter found my Cabbit creation disturbing, but has no problem with Catbus? So, today we are celebrating a certain person that likes to draw himself and others as versions of Totoro. The drawing on the right is the latest self portrait sporting an obvious mustache that’s a bit harder to spot in real life. The artist was also very forgiving with his own waist line as compared to the actual Totoro. I was surprised that this creative genius gave himself legs instead of rock solid abs in the drawing? Nonetheless, a very healthy self image.

I think what’s important here, and what makes Life Great, is that the artist sees himself happy as a Totoro. To me, Totoro always looks stunned, like he’s struggling to stop himself from passing gas. But our artist appears to have already passed it and feels great about it! He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, the drawing really captures the artist’s child-like innocence and refusal to conform to societal norms; a true Bohemian.  This was very promising work and I think we will see much more from the promising young man. Magnifique!

Art Critic Dad

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