Anyone can be born in America – Really!


Today we are following up on theme of diversity being a good thing. Anyway, I just want to express that life is great because pregnant women, regardless of ethnicity, are actually capable of delivering a baby on U.S. soil. It’s true! there is nothing in the air or our food that stops contractions and prevents a woman of a minority ethnicity from dilating and shooting out a baby that doesn’t look like the middle guy in the photo. It’s amazing!

This simple fact seems to be lost on many people. As you know people often ask your mom where she is from and when she replies, “Cincinnati,” people then often follow up with the question, “no, where were you born?” As if no Chinese person was ever born on U.S. soil? Of course your mom always gives me the evil eye, because no one ever asks me that question because I look like the guy in the middle, even though this old white guy is the real invader, not having been born here!  Today I celebrate diversity, except for my real estate company which is all white males!

Invader Zim Dad


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