Dear Kids

You’ve both been very busy with school and I’m confident that you’re looking forward to retirement, but there is something that you still need to do between school and retirement – WORK for at least 30 years! Now for many people retirement can make life great. It’s an opportunity to catch up on a thousand projects yet to be completed, a chance to read all the books you’ve been putting off, and hopefully travel to some distance places. So, for many people retirement is the recipe for making life great and hopefully this prize is waiting everyone at the end of the job race.

This year we saw our dearest friends Ross and Lanah both retire. Ross went to work for the last time on Friday. Of course, with them both retired, this means Lanah has more time to spend with Ross and he is very excited about it! Lanah’s retirement was welcome news, but I’m nervous about Ross. He does intend to read even more and will have ALL the time in the world to talk about it. We need to do a better job at hiding when we see him coming. Kidding, of course.

Working Dad


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