Not Retiring – but can Afford 2!

Hello Kids

No, that is not a picture of your old man! I did not age that dramatically during this last couple of weeks. However, I wanted to add that for some folks like your dad, not retiring makes life great. I really enjoy what I do and its good to get up in the morning with an agenda. What makes life great though is when you work because you enjoy it, but could afford to retire if you wanted too. That must be a great feeling, that I might experience in 20-30 years after I’m done paying for medical schools. Whether you retire early or not, I just hope that you find the kind of employment that makes you look forward to your work days instead of counting down the days to your retirement; that sounds miserable. Find something you’re passionate about, and hopefully good at, to make you feel like life is great MOST of your days – sorry, they can’t all be good!

Working Dad

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