Losing Hurts!

Good Morning Kiddos

Today’s little lump of coal is about losing! Yesterday the old man lost a deal against another competitor. It hurt, it sucks, it was disappointing, but it was not unfair! At first I thought about cancelling Christmas and rationing food, but that seems extreme, specially when this was a good year. So relax, Christmas is still on and there will be food in the fridge.

I now have to preach to myself what I’m always telling you guys – make this tragic event a learning lesson. The old man considers himself pretty darn good at what he does, but someone did it better this time around. So, I will swallow my pride today and go back to the client and ask where I failed. I’d like to think they were looking for lower quality service? They needed a Hyundai and I’m a Ferrari! Anyway, you keep hearing from me, that I’m on a big self-improvement kick, so this is a good chance to get some feedback on improving myself which makes life great. Sadly, failure is typically the greatest teacher! That’s why I know so much about parenting now! Oh the mistakes I’ve there! Fortunately for you your mother was there to correct those!

Introspective Dad

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