Honor Manual Labor

Hello Kids

Yes, that’s a recycled picture of the old man! Today’s pearl is for you to enjoy some manual labor somewhere in your life. It’s a gratifying feeling to create something with your hands that’s not on a computer screen. Life is great when you can stand back and marvel at something you’ve created after it cost you some sweat and hand calluses. You don’t have to build a house, it can be a small project, gardening, or another creative outlet, but putting together Ikea furniture does not count – sorry!

The work product will hopefully make you proud, but the resulting aches and pains have a second important function; it should make you more sympathetic for those who perform manual labor for a living.  There is something honorable in working with your hands and while some of those doing it may enjoy it, it does not diminish the aches and pains they suffer.

Advil Dad

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