Time Machines & Violence!

Dear Kids

You’re more tech savvy than me so if you come across a time machine on the internet, don’t tell me about it. I concluded that Life is Great because there are no time machines! Justice delayed in not justice and a grown man beating up a little girl is probably not justice at all.  I’m not a violent man, but if there was a time machine, then there’s a chance I’d be beating up a small girl in the past.

Anyway, that story that your mom told us about getting on the wrong bus after school to avoid the bigger bully girl that had threatened to beat her up after school in 4th grade was actually a very brave act on your mother’s part. Sure, it seems pathetic and chicken sh*t on the surface, but think about the fact that your mom consciously got onto a bus not knowing where it was going? I know that this was primarily motivated shear terror and self preservation, but she knew that it was the wrong bus! Where 99% of the population see a small coward, I see someone with the heart of an explorer willing to travel to unknown regions (all within walking distance of a bus stop). Anyway, I’m changing my attitude, your mother is more of a Gandhi, taking the more difficult path of non-violence, while I would like to travel back in time and beat up a 4th grade bully girl that threatened my small wife! So best not to tell me if someone comes up with a time travel app for my iPhone – I’m sure it will be in the form of an app.

Sympathetic Dad

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