Easter Sunday with the Neighbors

There are a couple things I miss about Easter. First, the excitement of the kids when they were young running around and looking for the eggs. We got really lucky, our neighborhood would do a collective Easter egg hunt. Several households hid eggs in their yards and the kids from  the different families would be set lose and run amok looking for eggs. My kids were on the younger side, but the other children were always really generous with helping them get a basket full of eggs.

After the egg hunt, usually the Vales, would have everyone over for a delicious brunch over their home in the backyard. Thank you so much for those great memories Bob and Chris. After the Vales moved away, Mary and Victor hosted the event one more year, but then it stopped. Really the fault of others neighbors like me, we were suppose to also host but life got in the way. Thanks Mary for making the effort.

The event also reminds me that some of the adults that attended this wonderful event have since passed, one just a couple days ago. Thanks everyone for the memories, you made Easter Sunday Great!

One thought on “Easter Sunday with the Neighbors

  1. lynne

    sounded like fun I have not ever done an easter egg hunt have dressed up as the easter bunny but not even then have an easter egg hunt mostly just handed out eggs or swapped them for food to eat while dressed as the easter bunny…lol Oh and the looks you get while driving the car dressed like an easter bunny was priceless


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