#13: Not Your Normal Child’s Diet: Coffee, Wine & 4-Day Old Stew!

1967 32aSo growing up on an uncivilized farm is a bit different then living in a city. My mornings usually began with a nice strong cup of coffee, nobody thought to be a problem and I enjoyed it. I also did not drink water because it came from the village square well which wasn’t always safe to drink. The answer, my grandparents made a weak wine for me to drink, the fermenting made it safe to drink. So as as 2 year old I was drinking coffee and weak wine.

Food was also kind interesting. Most things put into a frying pan were cooked with lard. Meat was cooked over embers in the yard. My grandmother did have a gas cooktop that had a gas bottle. She would sometimes cook a stew in a big pot. This would be cooked and just left on the stove. The following day when it was time to eat, the stew would be boiled to kill any bacteria. This disinfection process would be repeated for 3-4 days; there were no refrigerators.

I think this experience probably fortified my immune system and my intestines, so it made Life Great!

2 thoughts on “#13: Not Your Normal Child’s Diet: Coffee, Wine & 4-Day Old Stew!

  1. lynne

    Yes it is amazing what we had to grow up with and we are still here , my mum would cook a big batch of soup and it would last all week , difference is we had a fridge …..Oh and the worse gas hot water system a small tank that if you didn’t lite the match in time would go bang as you are lighting it ….


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